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What can I do to succeed?

posted Sep 14, 2010, 4:14 PM by Sukhjit Singh
Create a learning plan for entire quarter. Start by figuring out total weeks you have for completing the course and the total number of topics, quizzes, lab assignments and exams you have to cover.
Write down the date you will watch the lectures, do the quizzes, lab assignments etc. Exams have firm dates so please write those down first.
Plan your work and then work the plan
Keep your eye on the ball - There will be emergencies, moments of relaxation or just "life happening" that will lead to delays in executing your plan. You will then have to decide what to work/not work on. Look at which effort will produce the maximum return and work on it. You can also work on creating a "very creative" excuse for me and ask for more time. If your story is convincing, I may even grant you some extra time. I usually have heard so many of these stories that I can figure out good ones from the bad ones. You have a better chance to getting my flexibility if you are outright honest with me.