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What does it feel like when taking an online class?

posted Sep 14, 2010, 4:14 PM by Sukhjit Singh
You work alone with your computer that is connected with a fast DSL/Cable Connection. With your computer connected you may feel a little connected. This will only happen if you choose to communicate and collaborate with others. Taking a distance learning class doesn't mean you distance yourself from others or your instructor (me) for that matter. You will need to take initiative to read the material more than once, ask question in discussion group or ask a question to the instructor. Online courses are not just about watching video lectures, taking online quizzes, doing labs and taking exams - It is about 
- Getting help from others (your instructor and classmates) when you need it.
- Working independently without distractions from anyone.
- Having a flexible schedule - going to the class when you choose to versus a fixed time and location.
- Saving money you might spend on gas if you are driving from a distance.
- Saving commute time and spending that time studying.
- About listening to the same lecture over and over if you need repetition on the material.
- Being persistent in getting things done.
- Sharing what you know with others so other will share with you.
- Learning how to communicate effectively.